The Polls have Spoken!

Amber Turd has not only been ‘Blacklisted in Hollywood –lets face it folks, she is not that good of an actress anyway. The only way she has made it this far anyhow is from all the ‘acting’ she has done and performed on her backside from this writer’s opinion. She is a master manipulator and con artist who managed to weasel her way into our dear Johnny Depp’s life and ‘allegedly’ stole, by way of funnelling/siphoning off a major amount of his money while somehow fooling him into believing that she actually loved him when all the was doing was using him for his fame, influence and money. Even her own father said the same thing.

Hey, like father, like daughter folks. Both jailbirds. They both have done jailtime here in the lovely state of Texas. Back sometime in the late 1980s Turd’s daddy spent approximately 10 days in jail for running an illegal dog fighting ring. *gasp* Yes a dog fighting ring. RUmor has it that Johnny’s dog Boo was given to Turd’s daddy not long after the divorce. Now why do you imagine that was… sure wasn’t because he was fond of itty bitty dogs. Its not because it was for her mother either because at that point her mother had already passed away.

Chances are it was because he is or had already used that poor thing for a ‘Bait dog’. For those of you who know how dog fighting goes, you know that poor little Boo is more than likely no longer living. I WILL be contacting some friends about that little issue as it just hearts my little heart that Boo may have suffered at the hands of that walking disaster of a family and not by a bee sting this time!

The only reason that the Turd has gotten away with what she has so far is because she has blackmail material on some people with alot of money. How do you think she has been able to avoid going to jail for all the stunts she has pulled so far? SHE NEEDS TO BE SENT TO AUSTRALIA TO ANSWER FOR HER CRIMES THERE. She cannot hide here.

Elon is the father of her child and needs to take that child from her because with all the money she owes Johnny Depp she will not be able to afford to raise that child anyhow and does not have the capability to raise a child or the heart (by this I mean that she does not know what real love really is for all the narcistisstic violence in her). What if she gets angry at the kid and the kid starts crying and screaming for some unknown reason? She could very well likely throw her across the room and seriously hurt her! Look at all the things she did to Johnny and how much harm she caused to him both physically and psychologically! No child needs to be raised by anyone like that! Then when the poor thing is older and realizes what and who her mother really is, it will be up to HER if she wants to get to know her or not.

Amber Turd needs to be brought to justice if she doesn’t like that little moniker ‘Amber the Turd, well then she shouldn’t have literally crapped in her bed on her now ex-husband’s side of the bed and then tried to blame it on their 2 tiny dogs when it was obviously human waste! Geeze , talk about an obvious blonde move there, Miss Turd. Who also has an arrest record here in Austin, Texas. Just like good ol’ dad. Who thinks he is such a GRAND actor just because he had an itty bitty acting part in that boring movie ‘Machete’ here. Oh so laughable. He was so drunk one day when speaking to the guy (and yes this is all on record btw because the guy David Heard said all this to is the son of a law enforcement officer who is now retired and had advised him to report what I am about to say to Johnny Depp’s staff as well the law enforcement at the time so that he was aware of the matter).

Anyhow, it involved the matter of the ‘missing money’ of Johnny Depp’s. Turd’s dad was drunk and grumbling about how he was supposed to get a certain percentage of the money that she took from him to produce his own movie — again laughable that he thought he was a real rock star of an actor LOL — but again, this guy who had done some work on Turd’s car for Johnny a few years ago, some mustang, and she kept having him add on more stuff to it and kept telling him to bill it to Johnny that he would pay for it but in the end Johnny put the kabosh on that.

Well the guy said Johnny would not pay it but he would not let her have her car back either until he got paid. Good guy! I would want my money too after all the work he put in on that thing. Its a bloody FORD after all! LOL Anyhow she was then constantly calling and harassing him but the guy went to her dad apparently and that was when dear ol’ dad sai that he was going to shoot Johnny for trying to hurt his baby girl’s career. He out and out threatened to do that to Johnny said he would to that guy who did that work on Turd’s car. Then after that the guy was telling his dad about what all happened. To this day I do not know if the Turd Lady ever got her car back or not.

I am doing my best to keep an eye out for things on the Austin scene for you here Johnny. Come on over and take me out to dinner some time. You m issed my birthday this last August, you brat, you hurt my feelings! LOL