Welcome to my site! As I have already said, times ARE changing and there is nothing we can do about it but roll with them. But we all have our own ways of doing things and ‘rolling with the flow’ as it were. Nowadays with things going on with the Corona virus, the Turdvirus aka Amber Turd, SOMETHING is always going on somewhere. Especially in the town where I live called Austin, Texas. I am surrounded by *gasp* dare I say it? Longhorn fans!

Yes, yes we’ve heard it all before, Ms. Turd. You just want him to leave you alone.

I think it’s realy quite funny that she gets $7,000,000 and claims to have donated it to the Los Angeles childrens hospital and the ACLU (I believe I got that acronym right) and then — oopsie I forgot — she uses pledge and donate SYNONYMOUSLY, remember from the trial? Ohh I am still laughing about that. What a doodoohead as my kid was saying — and for once I did not correct her for her language. (Insert pic of me laughing my ass off here now LOLOLOLLLERSKATES)

Well then we all find out that she and her buddies that were so quick to move in with Johnny and were like leeches to an open wound ready to suck up all the money and blood they can get from such a sweet, kind and generous soul, ‘that banshee’ who is what I will refer to that bloody eijit from now on, is someone who has had something like this planned for such a long time, she has managed to siphon buckets of money from Johnny with the help of his former manager who claimed in court that he never did any such thing. She more than likely has it in the Cayman islands or Swiss bank accounts somewhere under fake names for all we know.

So not only has that ‘evil wee banshee’ taken from Johnny, she has stolen from his 2 beautiful kids Jack and Lily. Lily has become wealthy in her own right, that beautiful young woman but still ‘that evil banshee’ had no right to do that to Johnny or his family.

I have no doubt that her father David Heard had a hand in the matter as well when it comes to siphoning off the cash either. Back in the 80s he did some time for running an illegal dog fighting ring here. He did 15 days to be exact. The banshee has a record as well. Its all a matter of public record. Anyone can take a look at it if they really want to. The scary thing is that Boo, the one dog that was involved in being smuggled into Australia, it was said Boo belonged to Johnny. Well the banshee gave Boo to her father David. The scary thought is that her father is still doing the dogfighting ring yet again because after all he has to pay for his ongoing cocaine habit. With Boo in his hands, it makes me shudder to think of that poor little doggie being used as bait to get other dogs to fight. Something needs to be done to be sure that David Heard is not doing anymore dogfighting.

It was already told that David Heard had already threatened to shoot Johnny because ‘he was threatening my baby girl’s career’ that was said directly by him to the guy who did some overhauling work on the banshee’s mustang for Johnny years ago. Of course that guy reported it to Johnny’s manager/representative at the time it happened as well as the fact that he was pissed that he would not be getting his 10% of the money to make some movie that he was planning on producing. Proof that he was in on the scam to get money out of Johnny. I guess that just because you were on some suck ass movie like Machete you are some mega-star eh David Heard? I think you better find another profession. At this rate so had both your daughters. Oh wait…..your oldest seems to do quite well on her back. Mebbe the youngest one has a chance to straighten up.

Well I think that this will be enough for today, will post more later depending on how I am feeling. This MS has really been kicking my ass lately. Feel free to leave or send comments. As always, I look forward to reading them and I will respond. But anything threatening will not be tolerated so you have been warned. 

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