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What do you do when a school, college, or even a city with a stellar history goes to the limit where they go so far as to remove statues of Civil War personages like statues of General Ulysses S. Grant and General Robert E. Lee?  People start claiming that because they are standing out in the open that they are offensive to them and/or to others, that they stand for and represent the South and Slavery.  Well they do not represent them.  They are actually just something that happened to be attached to them.  A by-product if you will call it that. 

               So many people are proud of being a part of our nation’s history – part of the making of our country —  the fact that a person could be related to someone that you may have read about in the history book is always something that you can look back on and say —, “I know that guy!  I remember when I found out he was actually a 5th cousin twice removed.  MAN I wish I could have met and talked to him in person and known what he was really like!”

               Here awhile back I even sat in on an online town meeting type of call where the Governor of Texas Mr. Gregg Abbott himself was going to be answering questions about things relating issues that we had regarding immigration or anything else we have concerns about.  At the time I was actually frustrated and annoyed because people were raising hell wanting to have every single Civil War statue standing and anything connected to the Civil War including any plaque big or small was removed from the UT campus and all of the state and federal buildings and other places where they were. 

               The issue for me was not a matter of Slavery.  Not at all.  It is all about the fact that HISTORY ACTUALLY HAPPENED folks and now they are trying to have it eradicated and changed.  What I mean by that is that they are afraid of offending someone by stating facts of what happened and afraid of being sued like “Oh, you reported or wrote about me so I should be making money off this and should be compensated off the misery of my dead ancestors who have been dead for hundreds of years already.  You OWE ME!”  The government prefers that we have plausible deniability and prefer that we NOT TEACH OUR CHILDREN THE TRUTH in some cases.  Hell in some cases it is some of us that do not want our kids to be taught the truth.

               As for me, I WANT OUR KIDS TO BE TAUGHT THE TRUTH!!  Our Presidents, many of them in the early years, had slaves, and a few of them became even better than some of the average white men and had slaves themselves from some of the evidence that has been dug up as shown here. Thomas Jefferson and even George Washington had slaves – so freakin’ what?  The issue I am trying to address in this piece at the moment is that people are actively trying to erase and cover up history that has already happened. 

               Oh no – they have to change a name of a middle school in a pre-dominantly black neighborhood because they been getting a lot of complaints from the families who are crying and whining because they feel that they do not have nothing better to do with their time other than to complain when they could actually be teaching their kids to better themselves and pick themselves up by their bootstraps so to speak and try and do something with their lives.  Try to apply for a scholarship or something or perhaps sign up to go into the military and make mom and dad proud.

               Right now the Government is all about appearances.  They are wondering how it would look if they let in millions of immigrants in like they have done already.  Trump is/was trying to prevent them from overflowing the borders to keep them from coming into the country so that WE could concentrate on OURSELVES, and protects ourselves and protects our borders which are what he should have been doing all along.  He should have been able to do it without so much hassle from the head of the house Pelosi who, now that I think of it, looks like someone put lipstick on a cow – it just does not belong.

From my point of view we should take care of our own before we worry about taking care of others.  Turn everyone and I mean EVERYONE and their bloody brother at the borders and worry about all those in our borders and who are viable LEGAL CITIZENS who are LEGAL CITIZENS here not the ILLEGAL CITIZENS who, as my husband’s half sister-in-law Claudia is, also a convicted law breaker has been arrested for stealing her own mother as well as a few other people’s identities and was even set to be deported and because she spat out at least 4 kids while she was here during Obama’s Presidency (I always refer to him as Obummer) .  That was by far NOT the first time that woman had done something like that.  Proof can of course be given.  She had stolen my father in law’s ID to have some utilities turned on before he passed away, he made her turn them off because what she did and how she did it was completely ILLEGAL and as I have said before, she has at one time already had stolen her own mother’s ID.   She is one of those  WILL NEVER LEARN and when you attempt to punish her she will wail and scream and pull that card of I have so many babies here they are citizens here!—Obama said so! You cannot do this to me!  When case in point is, she did it to herself because she could keep her own damn legs crossed and her hands on things that did not belong to her.

               Now when it comes to who pays for all these immigrants that are committing these crimes and for the cost of housing and feeding them and everything that it entails?  Who do you think is paying for it?  The Feds sure aren’t going to pay for it.  Hell no!  They will blame Trump and say he dropped the ball and it’s all on him when in fact it’s all the bloody Democrats fault for dropping the ball to begin with.  That is my view on the entire situation.  We did not need another one of ‘the Good Ol’ Boys’  aka Democrats or one of the Straight Laced Republicans that was up there to cozy up a lil’ bit closer to their pals.  We needed someone up there like Trump who knew how to run a business as a business needed to be run. 

               So in my eyes that is what Trump did.  He went to battle and didn’t take any prisoners.  He got the money and started that wall.  Now Governor Abbott it seeing to it that it gets finished.  Only when Trump did it, he had made sure to seize the lands that the fence was on to take it and make it into Federal land so that it would be done right and properly.  Now as of a few days ago, Governor Abbott has sent a letter to the President demanding that the President (You know, that idiot that SO closely resembles that comedian Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter – President Biden) that he return all that land that Trump took from Texas BACK to Texas ASAP.  Seriously people don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Jeff Dunham and have not seen President Biden’s twin brother Walter?  I have included a couple of links below for everyone to enjoy and to hopefully lighten the situation some because some people take this sort of thing way to seriously and take every given opportunity to get ‘lawsuit-happy’.

               Ladies and gentlemen it is much better that we educate our children with the facts and have the facts to back up everything.  There is nothing at all wrong with this and you will gain nothing other than disgrace and disdain in asking that we NOT teach our children about something that DID actually happen in a moment of time in our country’s moment of time in history.  AT ANY MOMENT OF TIME.  The next thing you know they will be suggesting that you change your name if you are related to someone imported or who had anything to do with a momentous occasion in history like the Civil War such as the General Robert E. Lee or General Ulysses S. Grant.  Perhaps Geronimo, General George Armstrong Custer or even Abe Lincoln himself all because they had something to do with the fact that ‘Slavery’ happened or that they may have owned slaves.  So therefor they think that because THOSE people owned slaves or may have possibly owned one, that they are entitled to restitution somehow.  I don’t think so guys and gals.  It is too late to play that ticket in my opinion and you can NOT keep playing it and think that you can keep playing it in order to gain your 10 minutes of fame because your life is so bad and you are trying to make money from it.,  Sorry, but that is how I see it.  I only call it how I see it.

               That is where I will end this post for now but will always be welcome to take suggestions for a post subject.  So feel free to comment just please be courteous and respectful as my daughters will be reading this.  Thank you.