My Thoughts on Immigration

Are we so set on becoming bigger and better than the other person that we don’t care what happens to our children? I may not approve of the thousands upon THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants flowing over our borders, but damn people this is enough!! If they are running to us to escape things such as this, shouldn’t we help support them or perhaps somehow show them some support without giving them the ‘keys to the kingdom’ and letting them in here to stay? Half of them will end up on Welfare System where the taxpayers will be ever further burdened than they already are now.

Oh, I am sure that there will be a million scathing retorts to this entry, but before we can help others, we really should start work on helping ourselves people. We have our own disabled, veterans, homeless, children who need homes and people who are unable to have children that deserve to adopt them and give them the care that they need. When it comes to the people getting the blame at the border for all of the sick kids dying well its rather a hard thing to prevent when and if they were sick way before their arrival. I don’t think that you can prevent something if it is too far gone and you have illiterate or badly educated parents/family. They need to get support at the place they are immigrating from I should think before we are so overrun we cannot even help ourselves. We should help ourselves first as I have been saying and close our borders indefinitely. My husband who is a Hispanic is also a veteran of our United States Navy and he feels the same way as I do.

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