Online Gaming —- Go get ’em!

“Immortal Day” “World of Warcraft” and “DiabloIII”

I love playing games online. There are lots of people out there that may think that it must be nice to just sit and play online games. Sure they might seem a wee bit difficult at first but just hang in there and you will end up with a lot of extras in the end!

the character Lady Rivyn Cerridwyn Gold from IMMORTAL DAYS, a totally FREE online playing game! Try it anytime!

The game that I play online now is called “Immortal Day”

While being a Game Master and dealing with Account Investigations it was fun. Sometimes LMAO. The entire time I was at Blizzard Entertainment that is what I did. I investigated everytime a player would report either their account or the possibility of either their friend, guildmate’s account being compromised/hacked. Their guild bank had been robbed — you name it, I investigated it! Hahahaaa

People like Blizzard can afford to get the resources to go after those who hack accounts.

The first thing would be to run an ip check on the account for the past 30 days to see what the account history looked like and see if it matched the actual registered account information. A lot of times there would be a lot of account sharing which is against policy so we would lock the account and let the account owner know when, why, how etc. in order to reclaim their account once again. I would then action/ban/lock depending on the nature of the compromise of the account . I would then restore the hacked account of everything that was lost,

From our mouths to the goddess’ ears! 🙂

I cannot decide if I want to put up the Foreward and First Chapter to my second Novel that has yet been titled or to start my recipe section. Or maybe a funny comical section containing lots of hysterical memes or pictures that cause you to burst out laughing? Help me make a decision folks!!

Decisions, decisions decisions!